Where do I farm Arakkoa Outcasts Reputation?

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The Arakkoa Outcasts are neutral faction in Spires of Arak. There is a companion pet companion pet, a tabard tabard, and a talbuk mount talbuk mount. View the full offering at few other items‘s page.

The quartermasters for this faction are in your faction cities on Ashran so Warspear for Horde and Stormshield for Alliance.

Pre-grind Task: Questing

Before you start killing mobs for rep, make sure you’ve quested to completion in Spires of Arak, meaning you’ve gotten the Between Arak and a Hard Place achievement or its Horde equivelant.

There are also a few quests in Talador that give Outcasts rep, viewable in the link below.

Outcasts of Arakkoa Talador Quests

This should put you partly into revered.

Dailies Areas (The actual grind)

As with several other factions in Draenor, there are areas with level 100 mobs that you can farm for rep. These areas also coincide with daily quests available in your Garrison. The two areas for Arakkoa Outcasts are Skettis in north Spires of Arak, and Lost Veil of Anzu on the eastern border.

Here are the daily quests for these areas.

  • (H) Assault on the Skettis | (A) Assault on the Skettis
  • (H) Assault on Lost Veil Anzu | (A) Assault on Lost Veil Anzu
  • On days that coincide with one of these dailies being available at the Garrison you will be able to join groups killing the mobs and get rep far quicker than you’d be able to do solo. That being said, it’s still viable to go farm yourself at either of these locations.

    Group Finder

    A third option is to join cross-realm dedicated rep farming groups. These groups will be farming in the areas listed above. You can find these by accessing the group finder in game, then selecting ‘Premade Groups’, and ‘Custom’. Here’s a shot of what you’re looking for

    Have fun!

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