Where do I farm Iron Horde Scraps? (War Mill)

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Iron Horde Scraps are the work order hand-in for the large garrison building War Mill/Dwarven Bunker. They are used in order to get special transmog sets.

Iron Docks Dungeon (Normal Mode)

People are having decent success in getting scraps from soloing Iron Docks. Expect to see around 20-25 scraps per run. Here is the entrance location in Gorgrond.

Note that Grom’kar Deckhand do not drop loot so it’s best to avoid them when possible.

Frostfire Ridge

If you can’t solo Iron Docks or simply don’t want to, you can farm Iron Cannoneers in southern Frostfire Ridge. The drop rate isn’t stellar but they npcs respawn very quickly, making this a good activity to do whilst watching a movie or some other idle task.

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