Where do I farm Blackrock Ore?

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Note: this guide and the True Iron Ore guide have identical maps as the node spawn locations are the same for both metals. You do not need to view both guides to learn where to farm the other metal.

Blackrock Ore is one of the new metals in Draenor and is used in several professions, including Engineering and Blacksmithing. The easiest way to get a steady supply of True Iron and its counterpart True Iron Ore is to get the Mine building in your garrison and upgrade it to level 2. To upgrade to level 2 you have to spend 1,000 gold to buy the blueprint from the npc beside your architect table. This will give you 20-40 of each metal every day and does not require the mining profession.

Now maybe you need more metal or don’t have the 1k gold to spare so you need to farm the ore yourself. Here are some routes based on current node distributions.


Nagrand has most of it’s nodes on the eastern half of the zone. One thing to note, this route is meant to be completed counterclockwise, as there is one spot where you need to jump down from the elemental plateau into the water as noted on the map.

Frostfire Ridge

Both of the Horde and Alliance starting zones have more nodes than the other leveling zones in Draenor. The downside is that the farming routes are quite spread out.

Shadowmoon Valley

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