Where do I farm Bodyguard Reputation? (Barracks)

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The level 2 Barracks building in your garrison allows you to take on bodyguards, which are non-controllable guardians that watch your back. Bodyguards have a reputation system and at max rep give you new abilities like summoning spell or a mobile garrison command table.

Each draenor npc kill you have with your bodyguard provides 10 rep, and you need roughly 2000 kills to reach exalted.

Spires of Arak

Sunderthorn is a rare mob at 58.6, 45.2 that is summoned to fight by killing her hive mates, Stingtail Drone and Stingtail Worker.

You can grab up 20 or so mobs at a time and easily AOE them down in a couple hits, and they respawn in under 30 seconds.

If you position yourself correctly you won’t need to fight Sunderthorn each time she comes down, you can just continue farming the Drones and Workers. It takes under an hour to completely level a bodyguard to level 3 using this method.

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