Where do I farm Council of Exarchs Reputation?

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The Council of Exarchs are an Alliance faction based out of Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor. At exalted you’ll have access to an Elekk mount the Dusty Rockhide and Council of Exarchs Tabard among other things sold by Vindicator Nuurem.

Pre-grind Task: Questing

Before you start killing mobs for rep, make sure you’ve quested to completion in Shadowmoon Valley and Talador. Questing will get you partway into revered and save you a lot of grinding time in the long run.

View this list of quests that reward Council of Exarchs reputation

Dailies Areas (The actual grind)

This is where the real grind happens. There are 3 areas in Shadowmoon Valley that have level 100 mobs that give Exarchs rep every kill. They are Socrethar’s Rise, Pillars of Fate, and Darktide Roost, as seen on this map.

Now here’s the important part: these areas are the objective of these three daily quests from your garrison.

  • Assault on the Darktide Roost
  • Assault on Pillars of Fate
  • Assault on Socrethar’s Rise
  • You can go and kill mobs 1 at a time but it’d be a better use of time to get into a group. You can wait for a day when one of these daily quests is available to have a group that rotates people in and out as they start and finish their daily quest, or you can use the Group Finder to get into a dedicated rep farming group. In group finder choose Premade Groups and Custom as shown here.

    Have fun!

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