Where do I farm Frostweed?

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Frostweed is an herb with nodes mostly distributed in the two Draenor starting zones.

Now as with all of the herb types, I’m going to recommend first and foremost to get the Herb Garden in your garrison upgraded to level 2 as fast as possible. It’s the easiest way to get herbs with very little effort. That being said, let’s look at the farming spots.

Frostfire Ridge

This Frostweed route involves doing a circular path of the center of the zone while making sure to go up and down all of the canyons. There aren’t tons of nodes on the eastern part of this route but hug the mountains and you should find some.

Shadowmoon Valley

There are also nodes up in the hills and on Socrethar’s Rise but I wanted this route to be easy to navigate, mostly staying on flat land.

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