Where do I farm Frostwolf Orcs Reputation?

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The Frostwolf Orcs are a Horde faction based out of Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. At exalted you’ll have access to a unique mount the Swift Frostwolf and Frostwolf Tabard among other things sold by the quartermaster.

Pre-grind Task: Questing

Before you start any kind of grind with Frostwolf Orcs, make sure you’ve quested to completion in Frostfire and Gorgrond, and preferably Talador as well. The fastest way to get rep with this faction is through questing and it’ll get you partway into revered before you really have to start farming mobs.

View this list of quests that reward Frostwolf Orc reputation

Dailies Areas (The actual grind)

This is where the real grind happens. There are 3 areas in Frostfire Ridge that have level 100 mobs that give Frostwolf Orc rep every kill. They are Magnarok, Daggermaw Ravine, and the Iron Seigeworks, as seen on this map.

Now here’s the important part: these areas are the objective of these three daily quests from your garrison.

  • Assault on the Iron Siegeworks
  • Assault on Magnarok
  • Assault on Stonefury Cliffs
  • Now you CAN grind solo and kill mobs 1 at a time but it’d be a better use of time get in a group. On days where one of the daily quests is available there is a constant influx of people coming into the questing area looking for groups in order to speed up their daily quest completion. You can stay in the grinding area while constantly maintaining a group of people and reap the addition rep that comes from the additional kills your group will have.

    Another option is using the group finder. Open group finder and go to “Premade Groups” then “Custom” and look for a Frostwolf farming group. Here’s what you’re looking for:

    Have fun!

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