Where do I farm Garrison Resources?

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Garrison Resources fuel all construction in your Garrison and can also be traded with npcs for items and materials. They automatically accumulate in your garrison over time but there are many additional ways to get them.

Garrison Follower Missions – Some follower missions reward garrison resources if completed successfully. Keep an eye out for these and start them when you see them, they cost 0 resources to start, making them risk free.

Lumber Mill – The Lumber Mill allows you to put in work orders of 10 Timber to create 20 garrison resources. Each workorder takes 4 hours and can have improved yield once the mill is upgraded to level 3.

Trading Post – The Trading Post allows you to convert trade goods into garrison resources via work order. The required trade good changes from day to day so some days it might be something you have in excess and another it might be something too valuable to use. The work order produces 30 Garrison Resources every 4 hours.

Quests - Completing quests is the fastest way to get garrison resources, if you skipped questing and did dungeon or battleground leveling, you can quest through the draenor zones and get several hundred resources an hour.

Rares and treasures

Assuming you’ve already done what you can for the above items, and you still want more resources without waiting, your only other option is to go exploring across the world to get resources from Rare mobs and treasure items. These are spread out across the draenor zones and are only lootable once.

Option 1: Easy Mode

Here’s what you need in order to start gathering all the world drop GR. Download and install the following two addons by unzipping them and dragging the folders to your WoW addon folder.

  • Handynotes
  • Handynotes_DraenorTreasures

  • Once you’ve installed them in your addon folder, start up WoW and make sure they are turned on in your addons options.

    Now you’re set up to start farming garrison resources. Your map will now look like this, with icons denoting treasure and rare mob locations. Remember, you can only loot each one once.

    Option 2: Harder mode

    If you use TomTom and would like to add waypoints to your map manually you can copy and past the following waypoints in using an addon like Paste. Remember you have to be IN the zone you’re adding waypoints to while adding them to TomTom. The nice thing about this method is that you can manually delete waypoints for places you’ve already looted, whereas the first method doesn’t allow that at the time of writing this article.

    The following links contain the waypoint information for each zone. Select all and copy/paste into the input window in your Paste addon while you are in the correct zone.

  • Shadowmoon Valley
  • Spires of Arak
  • Gorgrond
  • Talador
  • Frostfire Ridge
  • Nagrand
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