Where do I farm Laughing Skull Orcs Reputation?

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Laughing Skull Orcs are a Horde-only faction that is only available to players if they have a Trading Post in their garrison that has been upgraded to at least level 2.

Rewards from this rep include an armored Ironside Warwolf, the inevitable Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard, and some interesting transmog helms like Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull. The quartermaster Kil’rip is located inside your trading post in your garrison.

Gaining rep with this faction is done entirely through killing mobs; there are zero quests to help you on your path to exalted. Farming is done in Gorgrond at 2 spots: Everbloom Wilds and The Pit. Everbloom Wilds has normal npcs but the Pit is full of elites and should only be tackled with a group.

There are 2 dailies that sometimes are available from your garrison that will bring in flocks of players to those areas that you can group with in order to get more kills. Keep an eye out for Assault on the Pit and Assault on Everbloom Wilds before heading out of your garrison each day.

This guide will be focusing on solo or small group (hopefully small group) tactics. This is the farming route in Gorgrond.


Go back and forth on this route and kill all the Twisted Guardian, Enthralled Mutant and just about anything else you see there. Most mobs will give 5 rep but some of the named elites will give 50 and are not hard at all to kill.

Damage Buffs

Mutagen is a buff you get after stepping over a mutagen pool. These pools form right after you kill a Enthralled Mutant or Twisted Guardian and also sometimes form beside Everbloom Shapers. This buff starts at 15s duration but as you get more stacks of it the duration increases to 60 seconds each time you reapply it.

The more stacks you have the more damage you do but you also take more damage each time you reapply it by stepping in a pool so be sure to keep your health up. The best way to get this buff started is to get two of the mobs to low health at the same time so that you can easily kill them within 15 seconds of each other to start building up to the longer duration stacks.

Sulfurous Blood is a damage buff you get after killing Sulfurscale Hydra that spawn on the hot-spring pools part of the route. Be sure to kill these when you see them up.


For modern WoW standards this is a pretty big grind. Ideally you would either wait to join daily questers on a day that the correct daily is available, or grind with a dedicated reputation farming group. Try asking in zone if anyone else is working on the rep before going solo and if it’s just you. Alternatively you can use the group finder to get into a cross-realm rep farming group. Open group finder and choose ‘Premade Group’ then ‘Custom’. This is what you’re looking for:

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