Where do I farm Mageweave Cloth?

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Mageweave Cloth can be farmed quite quickly in the Stratholme instance in Eastern Plaguelands (not Culling of Stratholme in Caverns of Time). Stratholme used to have a living and dead side, but as of Cataclysm it has been split up into two instances. I prefer farming on the Scarlet Crusade side as there are more mobs and the undead side has mobs that hit you with a root, making pulling the instance annoying.


So just to be clear this is the main city entrance side, not the service entrance to the east. You can do the route however you want but something like this works well for me. Pull as many mobs as you can, get em all clumped up and kill em. I looted 160 Mageweave in one run and it took about 6 minutes to get to the end. If you’re running it multiple times, add 2-3 minutes to get back to the exit to reset the instance.

And just in case you’re unsure of where the entrance is in EPL, here it is on the map.

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