Where do I farm Netherweave Cloth?

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The best place for Netherweave Cloth is the Blood Furnace dungeon in Hellfire Peninsula. You can get 80+ cloth in about 5 minutes or so and you can reset the instance 10 times every hour by right clicking your character portrait and hitting ‘Reset All Instances’ while outside of the dungeon.

Blood Furnace

This route is 100% linear and includes a really handy shortcut after the last boss to get back to the entrance to get outside and reset. The place I marked on the map is a room where you have to pull a lever to start a small event to get through a gate. You kill 4 packs of mobs that come out in sequence which takes a minute or so.

In case you’ve never been there, this is what Hellfire Citadel looks like from the east side. There are 3 dungeon entrances here, with Blood Furnace being the one in the upper right as marked.

Here’s where the entrance is on the Hellfire map.

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