Where do I farm Ogre Waystones? (Spirit Lodge/Mage Tower)

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Ogre Waystones are the resource to power the large garrison building Spirit Lodge/Mage Tower which provides ogre waygates, allowing you to teleport to locations around Draenor.


The waystones drop from any ogres in Draenor but the current best place to farm waystones is at Gordal Fortress in Talador.

To get inside the fortress, you need to have access to or have completed the quest Dropping In.
If you are on that quest or have completed it, you can enter the fortress using the rope that is just to the right of the force field blocking the entrance

The quest chain begins with Creating the Ink at 84.8, 31 in Talador.

Expect to get about 25 stones from 15-20 minutes of farming.


  1. Anonymous:

    Sorry but try the Bloodmaul place in Gorgrond at the bottom left, there is a mine there that is glitched.

    For every pile you kill, one or more mobs respawn and they drop like 1-5 each..I got like 100 in 1 hour..Yikes!

  2. Anonymous:

    there is no rope

  3. Portal Victim:

    The Rope Is A Lie?

  4. Anonymous:

    There is a rope. I used it today.

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