Where do I farm Raw Beast Hide?

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Raw Beast Hide is the main Draenor Leatherworking resource and can be skinned from Draenor beasts, bought from a Trading Post vendor in exchange for garrison resources, and produced by the Barn garrison building.

It is also created by combining 10 Raw Beast Hide Scraps which also come from skinning. This guide will be focusing on the gathering/farming method for attaining your leather.


As with the old Outlands version, Nagrand is replete with wildlife that is just waiting to be dismembered for profit. Breezestrider Talbuk, Thorncoat Talbuk, and Windroc are all great options. They often are in groups and have a good drop rate for full leather hides as opposed to scraps.

Clefthoofs or Elekks are also good options but are less likely to spawn in groups.

Some mobs to stay away from, Ironhide Bull, Direfang Alpha, Direbeak Windroc and the Rare named mobs. These are elite mobs and take far too long to kill and are sometimes dangerous to take on solo.

I’ve highlighted some areas on the map that are good for farming. The area north of the river is especially good for groups of Thorncoat Talbuks. Just going up and down the north shore is a totally viable way to farm leather.

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