Where do I farm Shatari Defense Reputation?

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The Sha’tari Defense are an Alliance-only faction that is only available to players if they have a Trading Post in their garrison that has been upgraded to at least level 2.

Rewards from this rep include an Elekk mount Armored Irontusk, Sha’tari Defense Tabard, and a plate transmog set. There is also a title that comes at exalted: Peacekeeper. The quartermaster Maaria is located inside your trading post in your garrison.

Gaining rep with this faction is done entirely through killing mobs; there are zero quests to help you on your path to exalted. Farming is done in Talador at 2 spots: Bladefury Hold and Shattrath City.

There are 2 dailies that sometimes are available from your garrison that will bring in a constant flow of players to the Shattrath areas that you can group with in order to get more kills. Keep an eye out for Assault on Shattrath Harbor and Assault on the Heart of Shattrath before heading out of your garrison each day.


On days that there isn’t a daily bringing in people to the Shattrath areas you can farm in either Bladefury Hold to the North-east or in the City/Harbor in central Talador. Both areas have places that are suitable for farming solo and areas that are suitable only for groups. Be careful when farming solo that you don’t wander too close to elite packs as they will pretty quickly ruin your day.

Yellow = Suitable for solo or in a group
Blue = Suitable for groups only


I hope you have the garrison ability Artillery Strike as it’s a big help for this grind.

Also bring your Battle Standard of Coordination if you have one. You won’t really notice the extra rep on a per kill basis, only 1 every other kill or so, but it will add up over time and is worth doing if you have it.


This isn’t a grind you should take on solo if at all possible. Ideally you would either wait to join daily questers on a day that the correct daily is available, or grind with a dedicated reputation farming group. Try asking in zone if anyone else is working on the rep or you can check the Group Finder for a rep farming group. To check open group finder and then select “Premade Groups” then “Custom” like this:

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  1. Bluepanda:

    Thanks for the guide the area up north although smaller is really nice with respawn time.


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