Where do I farm Steamwheedle Preservation Society Reputation?

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The Steamwheedle Preservation Society is a neutral goblin faction based in Nagrand. Like most goblin factions, they’re financially motivated so their ‘preservation’ efforts might not be as altruistic as one might hope.

They have a few fun rewards like a boar mount the domesticated razorback, the cute companion pets companion and pets, along with the title: “Conservationist” <Player>.

Rep from Steamwheedle is gained entirely through repeatable hand in quests. The hand-in npcs and a quartermaster are located just west of Lok-Rath in Nagrand at 50,41.

Highmaul Reliquary

Highmaul Relic can be found inside chests called Highmaul Reliquary located west of the river in Nagrand. Each one can be handed in for 350 rep.

Here is a map of the locations of highmaul reliquaries and a suggested route.

Here is what the chests look like

Though I provided a map I highly recommend installing the TomTom and Paste addons in order to input the waypoints for the chests directly onto your in-game map.

Click here for the chest waypoints then paste them into the Paste addon while you are IN Nagrand with your character.

Gorian Artifacts

Gorian Artifact drop from most mobs in Nagrand and can also be found in the highmaul reliquary chests. They can be handed in 20 at a time for 250 reputation.

Elite Mobs

There are a number of elite mobs in western Nagrand that drop unique items that can be handed in for reputation. The items drop for all players involved in the kill and drop every time you kill it, not just the first.

Grind Tactics

It kind of comes down to your server population and whether other people are farming for this rep but my main suggestion is to farm the highmaul relics from chests. Don’t solo the rares or stop looking for chests to start a group to kill a rare that you found. DO however jump in on kills that you see already started, grab the hand-in item and keep looking for chests.

Farming Gorian Artifacts from killing mobs is slow so I wouldn’t recommend it. You will get some of these from the chests however so be sure to hand them in when you hand in the relics.

If you’ve done the route a few times and only gotten a few of the relics then it’s likely someone else is farming the chests. In this case you might want to consider trying to form a group for the purpose of chain killing all the rares as fast as possible. That will mean you’ll need other people who are specifically going for Steamwheedle rep. Really though I’d recommend leaving and coming back another time when the chests are easy pickings.

That’s it, have fun!

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