Where do I farm Sumptuous Fur?

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In this guide we’ll see the best places to farm Sumptuous Fur, the main cloth resource used in Warlords of Draenor. It drops from many mobs and can also be purchased using Garrison Resources from a vendor if you have the Trading Post medium building in your Garrison. Using tailoring or the tailoring building Sumptuous Fur can be turned into Hexweave Cloth

Here are two good spots for farm for it yourself.

Tailthrasher Basin – Gorgrond

At the very southern tip of Gorgrond is a small lake surrounded by Saberon mobs. Just circle the lake killing them all and you’ll get 100+ furs in 30 minutes. The bad part about this spot is that it’s quite small, if there are one or two other people farming there your fur income will decrease quite a bit.

Bloodmane Pridelands – Spires of Arak

This is another Saberon spot. Just go up and down the coast killing everything you see like the monster that you are. The mobs here are level 97 as opposed to 93 in the Gorgrond spot so killing them takes a little more time.

These guys look awfully familiar..

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